Overcoming SonicFire Pro Sluggishness

If you use SmartSound‘s SonicFire Pro for your royalty-free music, you might notice long delays when you preview music in the Maestro. On a 2.4GHz quad I was seeing pauses up to five seconds when I selected a song. I had installed the latest version of QuickTime, 7.4.5, to eliminate that as the culprit. I also noticed a strange pause on startup in which the program froze for a couple seconds before finishing painting its window.

I contacted SmartSound about this, and without providing anymore information than I’ve mentioned already, the tech said:

This is an issue between the QuickTime player and your Intel Matrix RAID controller driver. These Intel Matrix cards are included in many new PCs from Dell, HP, etc and even if you are not using a RAID, the driver needs to be updated. If you need help finding the driver, let me know some details about your machine and I will see if I can find it for you.

Very impressive that he seemed to know something about my computer. I hadn’t mentioned that I had a RAID controller. Indeed, I do. Obviously, they have seen this particular error before.

So, after poking around on Dell’s site I found the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver, and installed it. Voilà! SonicFire Pro runs like butter now!

Great job, SmartSound!

Note: To install the driver, you update the driver of the RAID controller in the Device Manager by pointing it to the unzipped folder.


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