Why do companies have such a hard time marketing good products?

I’ve often wondered this.

A company makes a good product. Innovative. Useful. Something people would want, and, in fact, are eager to buy.

And then, the company throws up roadblocks that make it hard for people to purchase.

Why do they do this?

Take for instance the books available on Apple’s new iPad. The books are in color, have sound and stimulating graphics, and are a good alternative to those available on the Kindle. But can anyone really buy into Apple’s eBook channel, which, since it is only available on the iPad means first buying an iPad, without knowing what books are available?

Amazon allows you to search the Kindle Store without having to own a Kindle. But does Apple?


Is this simply an oversight? Could the company capable of producing the iPhone and now the iPad really be capable of such an omission? If yes, then there is something terribly wrong with marketing. If no, then one wonders what hubris Apple must have to expect customers to lay down $500+ for the privilege of peeking at the book list.

In what world does this approach make sense?

Knowledge is king, especially in marketing. If you know how people think, you can know what they want to buy. So Apple, here’s a hint: I want to buy an eBook reader to replace my daughter’s falling-off-the-shelf book collection. She likes books like “Animal Ark.” The Kindle doesn’t offer these.

Does the iPad?

I don’t know.

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