Getting HTMLArea to work in Drupal

I installed HTMLArea on my drupal website, and it wasn’t working. After a little digging on, I found the solution.

finally got my htmlarea module to work… fixed my Gagarin theme by editing the page.tpl.php file and adding <?php print $closure ?> just before the </body> tag…

I, indeed, suffered the same problem. The theme I was using did not have this closure tag. Very annoying. I expect the theme template requirements are changing quicker than the designers can handle. I guess. One of the reasons I switched to drupal from Xoops was the tighter control over the code. Ah well.

Would be great if there were a drupal theme syntax checker to verify that a theme is up to muster.

Update: There is a way to get a well-formed drupal theme: Artisteer.

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