Adobe PDF Reader a Virus?

I normally use Foxit Reader to view PDFs since the program is so much leaner and faster than Adobe’s. Today, however, I had to view an encrypted PDF and although I entered the password correctly, the page came up blank in Foxit.

I installed Adobe, printed the encrypted file, and went about my business.

But then, I noticed my machine moving like sludge. What’s going on here? This is not a piece of tin box. A dual core AMD x2 5000 with 1Gig of ram should not be dragging like this. And until now, it hasn’t.

And then I remembered I had just run Adobe Reader.

Ah, it comes back to me why I hate that PDF reader so much. Beyond it’s ridiculously long startup time, and the advertisements that increase with each release, and the annoyingly unsolicited “Print Me Internet Printing” link it adds to my Programs Menu, Adobe Reader is a pig — of the calibre that makes Microsoft PowerPoint look like a lithe beauty queen. Viruses that use 99% of the CPU to spam the known universe are kinder to my machine.

Why would anyone use this PDF viewer?

Only because they didn’t know about Foxit. Or they had to open an encrypted PDF.


As of version 2.2, Foxit Reader does support encrypted PDFs.  So, why are you still using Acrobat? Why indeed.

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