Amazon Video on Demand Review

I recently purchased a Roku box and noticed that one of the apps it came with is “Amazon Video on Demand.” Since our internet speed is not that great, I didn’t think that would work very well, so I made no plans to “rent” a video from Amazon.

Recently, I wanted to watch “Guardians of Ga’Hoole,” and since RedBox didn’t have it, I had to buy it. Target listed it for $30, but Amazon had it for $10 less, but I would have to wait with Amazon.

Hmmm….. Is $10 worth having it right now?

Then I noticed Amazon offered a free video on demand viewing with purchase. Ah, the pieces are starting to fit. I see how Amazon intends to compete now. Makes sense.

But, it won’t be blu ray quality. Will it be worth the $10 savings to watch it in lower quality? Will that be enjoyable, or will I feel like I settled for less?

I decided to give it a try. Trying it is really the only way to see if I’ll like it. And, I’ve noticed that the paid services on the Roku are superior to the free ones. Over my 1.5 Meg DSL connection, which runs from 0.9 to 1.2 Meg, HuluPlus looks really good on the Roku. Hulu still halts several times during a video.

Well, the results were surprising. The video quality, while not full HD, of course, was very good. Much more detail than I expected. More than enough to enjoy an animation like Guardians. And the video never paused. Not once.

So, would I rent a movie from Amazon? Maybe. But I’ll certainly buy a movie I want to see right now for a lower price and watch the video on demand copy they provide.

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Mount DVD From ISO in Win XP

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Label a Disc With Epson Print CD

If you are using printable discs that go nearly all the way to the inner circle, set the inner diameter to 23mm. The outer diameter should be around 118mm.

Download Print CD here.

When you print, if you see the message

The Epson printer driver dealing with CD printing is not installed

you will set the Print settings manually. Set the Tray to Tray 2.
Click Manual Print and set the Source to Manual, Type to CD/DVD Premium Surface and Size to A4.

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Make Bootable DVD from Windows 7 Download

Download oscdimg.exe and put it in C:\Windows\System32 (or anywhere on your path).

Start a command shell with elevated privileges.

D:\>oscdimg -bd:\win7pro\expandedSetup\boot\ -u2 -h -m -lWIN_EN_DVD D:\win7pro\expandedSetup\ D:\win7pro.iso

OSCDIMG 2.54 CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Premastering Utility
Copyright (C) Microsoft, 1993-2007. All rights reserved.
Licensed only for producing Microsoft authorized content.

Scanning source tree (500 files in 48 directories)
Scanning source tree complete (874 files in 201 directories)

Computing directory information complete

Image file is 2520809472 bytes

Writing 874 files in 201 directories to D:\win7pro.iso

100% complete

Final image file is 2523011072 bytes



Use imgburn (direct download) to write the iso to disc.

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Essential MS Windows Software

Here is the list of software applications I install after a refresh of Microsoft Windows:

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US State List for Drupal Select List

Here’s a ready-to-go list of U.S. States suitable for use in Drupal (or any compliant CMS) that likes to see select options as pipe (|) separated key-value pairs on each line.

DC|District Of Columbia
NH|New Hampshire
NJ|New Jersey
NM|New Mexico
NY|New York
NC|North Carolina
ND|North Dakota
RI|Rhode Island
SC|South Carolina
SD|South Dakota
WV|West Virginia

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Star Wars Fan Video – IMPS

Because a google search for “star wars fan videos” never turned this up, I’m making a note of it here, so I can find it quicker next time. Can’t wait for Chapter 2!

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Where Is My Wii Remote Cursor?


You point the Wii remote at the screen and you don’t see the cursor — the little hand that indicates to what you are pointing.

The home button on the remote is working. The battery level reads good. But you cannot select items on the screen.


Shut down the Wii. Unplug the sensor bar and plug it back in. Restart the Wii. You should see the cursor now.


This problem will occur if you start the Wii with the sensor bar unplugged. This is very easy to do if you’ve just returned from taking the Wii with you on vacation and you’re putting it all back together and you assume, quite naturally and reasonably, that the sensor bar is plug and play like a USB device. It is not.

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Hike from Beaverceek, OH to Carillon Park, Dayton, OH

To help my daughter prepare for a 7 day, 13-mile a day hike, we hiked from Beavercreek, OH to Dayton, OH.

Google Earth puts this at 11.6 miles.

Here are the maps for the hike.

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