Install VM Tools Under VMWare Player

After reading several explanations on how to install the VMTools to a VMWare Player guest OS, I found this to be the simplest approach:

  1. Install VMWare Workstation (this will uninstall VMWare Player, but you can reinstall it afterwards)
  2. Make a copy of the windows.iso* file that is included in the Workstation install
  3. Uninstall Workstation
  4. Reinstall VMWare Player
  5. Use a USB drive to copy windows.iso to your guest OS
  6. Install WinRAR in your guest OS and associate it with .iso files
  7. Use WinRAR to expand windows.iso to your desktop in the guest OS.
  8. Run the setup.exe program


To easily attach the iso file to your guest OS, in the VMWare Player, select the Devices menu and choose CD/DVD / Connect to Disk Image File…

*The windows.iso is for a Windows guest OS. There is also a linux, WinPre2K, solaris, freebsd and netware iso.

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