The device “Microsoft AV/C Tape Subunit Device” could not be opened.

This is an interesting one. I’ve been using Vegas since version 3 and I’ve never had this issue. When I capture using the Canon HV20, I get “device not connected.” I tried using the DV capture option, and I get a new message:

“The device “Microsoft AV/C Tape Subunit Device” could not be opened.”

The solution is Options / Preferences / Video / Uncheck “Use external video capture application.”

Now, when I go to the HDV or SDI capture application, Vegas sees my camera again.

Thinking this over, this makes no sense why it solved my problem. I wasn’t originally using the DV external capture option. I was using the HDV option. Somehow, though, going through that process reset something in Vegas and now it’s working.

Happy editing!

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Where Is My Wii Remote Cursor?


You point the Wii remote at the screen and you don’t see the cursor — the little hand that indicates to what you are pointing.

The home button on the remote is working. The battery level reads good. But you cannot select items on the screen.


Shut down the Wii. Unplug the sensor bar and plug it back in. Restart the Wii. You should see the cursor now.


This problem will occur if you start the Wii with the sensor bar unplugged. This is very easy to do if you’ve just returned from taking the Wii with you on vacation and you’re putting it all back together and you assume, quite naturally and reasonably, that the sensor bar is plug and play like a USB device. It is not.

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