Open Letter to MailShell About Spam Filtering

Dear MailShell,

Although I understand why, I’m sad to see my mailshell web mail account closing. It has been very useful and I thank you for the service you have provided.

For the past year or so, however, even with my spam filter set to Agressive, I have consistently recieved more spam than legitimate email. Today, I just deleted over 200 spams that arrived in
the last 2 days.

It gives one pause to think that a premier anti-spam company cannot block these messages. If the anti-spam service on my mailshell account doesn’t stop spam, why would I expect the SDK you offer to work any better?

We will shut down this service 30 days from now, on or about February 28, 2007 to focus exclusively on our core business, OEM licensees of the Mailshell SDK.

Given that your business now revolves entirely around your anti-spam SDK, I wonder how successful you will be.


David M.

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